What is the Anabolic Diet?

Although the Anabolic Diet is geared towards athletes and has become quite popular among them by word of mouth, you may have heard something about it. It was designed to increase muscle while at the same time burn fat.

So, what exactly is the Anabolic Diet?

As with any good weight loss program, this is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. It was not designed as a one size fits all diet. Rather about finding your own individual metabolic set point and then making adjustments to your diet to reach your personal goals and needs.

Basically, AD is a carbohydrate cycling diet, meaning the intake of carbs cycles between a very low intake during the week and a higher intake on the weekends. This method has many advantages regarding building muscle and simultaneously burning fat.

Here’s how the Anabolic Diet works…

It works by going back and forth between two extreme weeks. During the lower carb week, the body will burn fat that is stored. During the other week of higher carbs, the body will use the increased levels of insulin and glycogen to help the growth of muscle.

Simply, AD forces the body to use fat as a fuel source. Typically, the better part of our calorie intake is made up of carbs. Because there is so much, the body will burn the carb calories first. We would rather have the body burn fat first so we have to deprive our body of carbs that it has become so dependent on adding to that some new dietary fat. After using this process for just a few weeks, fat now becomes the primary energy source. Included in that fat are stored fat as well as dietary fat. Now if you reduce the amount of fat intake, that results in burning body fat for the primary energy source. Very Cool!

Increasing Muscle

Most diets are designed to lose fat by prolonging fat oxidation via carb depletion. This process usually destroys muscle. In order for muscles to grow they need glycogen which is efficiently taken from sources of carbohydrates.

The Anabolic Diet theory is to carb up over the weekend limiting fat and protein consumption, making carbs the primary source of fuel. The increased sugar levels feeds the muscle with glycogen causing an increase of insulin which is highly muscle building or anabolic. Appropriately named, Anabolic Diet. Also there are other things happening within the body when we re-introduce higher levels of carbs such as an increase of growth hormone and testosterone, both of which contribute to the growth of muscles.

Here are just a few things that will happen when you use AD….

  • Burn fat
  • Build muscle
  • Body composition improves
  • Improve overall health

With just a little patience in the beginning through the introductory phase, the Anabolic Diet can help you achieve all those things. After just a few weeks the whole process becomes mush easier and faster.

AD does not work overnight. Time is different for each person. By keeping track of your energy levels during the lower intake of carbs, you will be able to determine if you have become fat adapted. Once that happens, AD will supply you with a variety of options to properly adjust your diet to better enable you to reach your goals.

Even though people using AD come to it for different goals, the majority of people discover that their overall health improves along with their body composition. They have more energy, look better, feel better, they also have lowered their cholesterol, triglycerides and in some cases lower blood pressure as well.

Will AD work for everyone? It won’t if you already know you cannot avoid carbs during the week or at social events. Finding the right foods can be somewhat difficult for those not accustom to low carb diets. Also AD does require exercise. So if you are not active or working out at least two times a week, it will not work for you.

Getting the best results will require some effort. You will need to make a lifestyle change and get rid of some bad habits. To truly know if a diet is right for you and how efficient it is, you need to give it some time. Don’t think about it so much and stress out over it in the beginning phase, it will not bring you good results.

Just get yourself started and make any necessary adjustments as you move forward.